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Show 41


sin city - WOW! Oh my god! so good! incredible!

when harry met sally:

ye olde english podcast

whack my bush

random nonsense:

how get jhob bas overespeaker announcer etc on ytrailersa etc

love wind in the willows. amazing book

how when we look back and think of people in the past. at that time, they thought they were at teh forefront of technology. makes you woner, dunnit.

you remind me of a man
what man?
a man with a power
what power?
power of hoodoo
you do
do what?
remind me of a man

about 10. wanted tob uy 5 speed bike. more expensive than normal no gear bike. but shop keeper said to buy normal. what an idiot. lost money on that. sheesh.

college apps and stuff. gods

If you develop an ear for sounds that are musical it is like developing an ego. You begin to refuse sounds that are not musical and that way cut yourself off from a good deal of experience.
- John Cage

Politeness, n. The most acceptable hypocrisy.

fund is now for the schecter C-1 classic


2000 sex offenders evacuated from katrina have gone every which way and no one knows where. shouldn't have evacuated em, should've taken the opportunity to kill em for god sakes

bush signs patriot act extension

people like laura bush more than george
poll: javascript:CNN_openPopup('/interactive/allpolitics/0512/gallup.poll.30/frameset.exclude.html','620x430','toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=no,resizable=no,width=620,height=430');

The program authorizes the NSA to eavesdrop on Americans without first seeking permission from a court for a search warrant. It

random biking thing. might interest jew

Student asked to change out of kilt seeks dress code change

why are people so like not normal and worried around disabled people. i aintyou prob'ly are

vh1 i love the 80s etc

is the reason we value virtues and the like because they are harder to do than bad things. for e.g. calling you gay is easier than praising you for whatever good thing about you (not sure any exist, but there you are really). i mean, is it because it is hard to do that we value them, or would we value them regardless?

cheerleaders hurting more on the irse

what annoys me is when people send you the same chain mails that you've seen like 5 times before

indians aren't asian

Show 40


Kill bill:
thurman - nose, however, hot
how gets sword on plane
where gets money from


system of a down's new album

dream theater's new album


shaved beard: reasons why, humorous stories?

restrung guitar

ricky gervais' podcast

ap psych fishbowl

the bug i thoguht was a bit of fluff

david's email

lennon and darrel's death but no one remembered pearl harbour

extending patriot act till february? what?
original house version destroyed by filibuster in senate

walmart fined 172 millino. for not giving lunch breaks

S Korean dude resigned after uni admitted that the stem cell results had been faked. what a tit.

judge in some county ruled against intelligent design. whatever it is


bin laden's niece

karl rove leaking santa's identity

1024.1 high score penguin extreme

why i dont like DNDS - commercialism

there is actually a BPC! wow!

new format: news
random stuff

40 yr old virgin

Show 27

Chat Transcript Begins Here


Hello Dak.

Welcome to HP Total Care for Presario Products. My name is Annie. How may I assist you today?

Dak K:
hello annie

Dak K:
i am having trouble with my laptop power coard

Dak K:

I will certainly do my best to assist you.

When did this issue started?

Dak K:

Dak K:
about two months ago

Let me know the serial number of the notebook.

Dak K:
wait a sec


Dak K:


I understand that the power cord which connects from the AC Power adapter to the Notebook is not working. Am I right?

Dak K:
from the plug to the computer yes

Dak K:
yes, the cord from the plug to the laptop

Dak K:

Is " 1700US" the model number of the notebook?

Dak K:
yes, you are quite well informed

Thanks for confirming.

Dak K:
you are quite welcome my dear

I suspect the issue could be with the Power cord or with the notebook's AC Jack.

Dak K:
hmmm, this seems like a likely potential of occurence

Do you have an additional AC Power adapter?

Dak K:
no, i do not

Could you give me a few moments to check the specification of the notebook?

Dak K:

Dak K:
shure, have at it

Dak K:

Thanks for your time and patience.

I will provide you the part number of the AC Power cord for the notebook.

Dak K:
what will that do for me

Dak K:
,he said indignantly

The issue comes if the AC P ower cord is defective or the plug in the back of the notebook becomes bad.

Dak K:
yes, that sounds reasonable, but how does that assist me in solveing my conundrom

In this case, I recommend you contact our HP Authorized Service Center for diagnosing the issue with the notebook.

They will connect a good AC Power adapter to the notebook and check whether the issue with the AC Power adapter or with the notebook itself.

Dak K:
i know it is the cord, the light no longer lights up on it like it used to

Dak K:
,he said with force

In this case, I will provide you the part number of the Power cord which you can order from our part store.

Dak K:
why should i have to buy a new cord, i didn't break is

Dak K:
, he said (implying that she did)

Dak K:
Let me teach you a brief life leason Annie. It is not good to keep a man waiting. I need compensation f or my personal damages

I apologize for the delay.

Dak K:
yes, you'd better be sorry. I meen to offence but i need this problem fixed

Dak K:

As the notebook is not under warranty, I recommend you contact our HP Authorized Service Center for isolating the exact issue with the notebook.

This issue could be with 2 cases.

Dak K:

One, could be with the AC Power adapter cord or AC Power adapter.

Second, it could be with the Power jack of the notebook where you connect the Power adapter cord.

Dak K:
you already tolm me this ma'am. I just want the problem fixed, for free, quickly

I am sorry to sound unhelpful, but issues of this nature cannot be diagnosed through a chat support session.

I will provide you the Web site link to locate the nearest service center.

Dak K:
why not

Dak K:
you know the problem yet you refuse COMPENSATION

Dak K:
Y must you abuse me. "some people want to abuse, some people want to be abused by you" i am not one of them. You may be the former but i am not the latter

Dak K:
"some people want to be use

Dak K:

Dak K:
yet aggain i am not one of them

Dak K:
r u?

Dak K:

Dak K:
ttyl bbdl

Dak K:
my mommy sais i am special

Dak K:


Chat Transcript Ends Here

Show 26

Show 25

Show 24

Show 23


Show 22

Show 21


The hindu and I are recording from his room in his new house. We disscus our wonderfull listeners, especial kevin, from We Got The Beet @ (Which is halarious by the way) We also talk about how we are cute sexy studs, and how the hindu has had to "Move House" so many times. A big topic in this show is our impending music video which is sure to rock majorly. (This show will be abailable tomorrow Sept 1st) Don't forget to vote for us at

Show 20

Show 19.5



Show 19

Show 18

Show 17

Show 16

This show is basically our review of the Groovelily concert that we had just seen. We have several guest speakers, including our old friends Whoopegg and MiniJew, and also a new one, for whom we cannot find a good name. Such ideas as R Squared, Jew R Squared or some such nonsense (that one was the Jew's idea). But she didn't talk all that much, so i guess its not that huge a loss :) Im just kidding. Anyway, Gene himself, who is the drummer for Groovelily, listened and sent us an email declaring his approbation. So its all good. Listen to it, many fairly amusing things happen. And its going to be the last one for quite a while. So savour it

- The Hindu

Show 15


One of our best show for a while. No Nev, just the jew and the hindu running clean and lean... well, clean at least. We disscuse our summer plans, and the hindu gives the jew a lesson in dutch. It is indeed a good episode, and calls to mind earlier episodes, with the ranting and the tangent and just old fashioned good times between the Hindu and the Jew. Hope you like this.

- The Jew (The Hindu added some stuff as well cos the Jew is just bad at this stuff)

Show 14

Show 13

Show 12

Show 11

This episode is an emotional action thriller with a twist at the end. The jew and i have a little tiff, and it gets kinda emotional and wishy washy. not my favourite sort of stuff. it then turns into an action thriller with high speed driving and sudden braking as well as reversing. There is also a little interesting bit at the end that outrages the jew completely, so look out for it.

- The Hindu

Show 10


This is our amazing show plan for our DECASHOW. It absolutely rocks by the way. I don't need to write anything here really, cos everything's on the picture, from our topics to a psychoanalytic drawing of the jew and me. Peace out

- The Hindu

Show 9.5

Ok, this is stupid. We were going for this to be episode 10, which we in fact start out the show with, but we weren't satisfied with it as we thought it wasn't 10 material. But its a good show, so we had to put it in somewhere. Thus it is 9.5. However, to continue. Jew decides to start off with my apparent penchant for narcolepsy (If I've spelt that right). We have finished our bio project. We talk about our impending journey to Annapolis. We say we're going to get a lot of recording done, but sadly we only get our Decashow done. I introduce the subject of rabid squirrels, but Jew attacks my idea, and I claim that i will not talk any more, after which I start talking. We then gripe about our lack of emails. We tell all of you fans to send us ideas. The Jew then tries to explain some stuff to do with technology, but he bombs. We discuss the pros and cons of IKEA as well. The Jew threatens me with his knife, and we state our boredom of the show. I then sing 'So Long, Farewell' from Sound of Music. Its amazing. Listen to it, its good.

- The Hindu

Show 9

Aaah, the old 9 show. This occurs in the Jew's car I believe, and we're griping about our Bio project. It was a lot of work, by the way, too much work in fact. We talk about the Jew's inability to take pictures, especially of mollusks. The Jew tries to tell people where we live, and I try to prevent it. Good stuff. I also tell my story about me asking this random girl to a prom and a couple of other humorous anecdotes. We also talk about this girl we met while following Beanpole to his pre-trackmeet meeting place, and how she called me huge. Gods. We have dead air for a little bit, and up comes the subject of a truck, mainly cos of the dead air. We also talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger (I dunno if I spelt his surname correctly) We have a bit of blinker action as well. We again gripe about the bio project at the end. That is in fact the whole of the episode, apart from my obnoxious 'Bye's

- The Hindu

Show 8

Ok, this show was done in school. The Jew usually has second period in another school, but on this day the schedule was messed up, so he came to my class and we did a recording. It was with freshmen. So, there is a lot of background noise. For those of you who don't know freshmen, they can be and are very annoying. Anyway, we talk about several things in this show, actually being serious. We critique Star Wars II, War of the Worlds, a fire-retardant taurpalin cover to extinguish fire. We also talk to our dutch fans. We discuss our SAT's, and Napoleon Dynamite. We also have a new guest. By the gods, they seem to be popping up everywhere aren't they, these new guests. Anyway, her name is Freshwoman. The significance will be apparent if and when you listen to this episode. I think that covers the main points. Rock ON!

- The Hindu

Show 7

This show was basically a general one, where we were all over the place really. We discussed my going to Stanford, and the Jew going to Amsterdam, as well as the Jew's father coming in and threatening to shut us down! We also had a new guest speaker, i.e. Stupark. Well, I like to call him Stupark, he wants to be Spark, and the Jew likes to call him Stupid. Ah well. We also discussed the fact that we'd probably be doing journey diaries, the Jew when he is in Europem and me when I'm in India. I also discuss our first international listener, i.e. Shailen Laxman. Now, don't be mistaken, Karl is our first international listener who listens to us by choice, i.e. without us forcing him. But Shailen is the first person who ever listened to our show outside of the US that i know. So kudos to him. Thats about it.

- The Hindu

Show 6

This is another general show. We talk about our first listener whom we didn't force to listen, i.e. Karl from Australia!(Or as the Jew likes to spell it, Austalia. Hmm) Anyway, he rocks completely. We also talk about other things such as the prom, as well as about the Dune series by Frank Herbert, and L.O.T.R. by Tolkien. Its a basic discussion on me being for and the Jew being against, mainly on the point of detail. Thats really it I think. Listen to the episode!

- The Hindu

Show 5

The Broken Chair!
Confused about this chair? Not sure why its there? Listen to Episode 5 and find out!

One of our better shows. We are at my (the jew's) house. We discuss some new developments with our internet situation. Most importantly our new RSS feed for all our shows. We mostly talk about various entertainment things from "The Capital Steps", to "Star Wars". As becomes very obvious in this show, I do not know much about the actual story behind the movie. We also talk about a lot of other stuff.
Go listen to GrooveLily.

-The Jew

Show 4

Whoopegg and Hindu rock out

Hindu tunes up for us to record the intro

This episode is like huge. I mean seriously, its ridiculously long. I've heard music albums which take about the same time to listen to. However, it is still very good. Its a very jolly episode, with me and the Jew bouncing stuff off'f each other. You particularly notice the Jew bombing a lot in this episode, more than any other one really. We also have a new guest speaker in the second half of the episode, i.e. Whoopegg. She didn't talk all that much though, so it was basically like as if she wasn't there really. Crazy stuff. Craaaazy. Anyway, I'm bored with this now. So.....yeah....listen to the episode! Thats all for now

- The Hindu

Show 3

Today was a school day, really. We just had our recordings done in school, at various times, and then slightly later on as well. This is the first time we had Beanpole on the show, and also his girlfriend, whom we have named 'Luftwaffe. We talked a couple of times in school, and I think we did a little segment at my house. Im doing this from memory, by the way. Anywho, if you wanna know more, all you have to do is listen to it! We discussed random stuff I believe, and Im almost positive the subject of my gassiness after drinking Coke came up a couple of times. Thats about it

- The Hindu

Show 2

OK. Basically, this was the first time we recorded in the car. This is, of course, why it is called Car Talk. (Note: this is also a reference to a radio show that is broadcasted every saturday morning, and the Jew loves it) We discussed many a thing on this. It was a three-piece recording, because we recorded while driving to and fro from my house to the Jew's house. One of the main topics of conversation was the idea of a British show called Top Gear, and if you've listened to this you know our position on it. We also make the first direct reference to Beanpole, and also to the Albino Midget. That's about all I can remember. Listen to the episode!

- The Hindu

Show 1

This was our first show, and it was done in the Jew's house. We've discussed a variety of views in this show, from grapes to the Hindu's apparent "Britishness" as well as creating a bet which will provide us with conversation throughout 3-4 episodes and possibly more. In the uncensored version, we have a song which you may like. And we also state our Comment Lines. Its a good show, very amusing, we've got some good reviews about it. Thats all

- The Hindu

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