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May 27, 2006

That is right, ladies and gentlemen, this is a New Year! Despite having posted nothing since like last december, here is a new update! Episode 50 is out! Yay! CHECK IT OUT!

December 27

Jebus, its been a long time since we've posted a news update. Well, its the holidays now. I've been to New York, the Jew is Galapagos Islands, and we are all enjoying ourselves. Episode 40 has been recorded, but not posted yet. Im going to try and get together with the jew before New Year's to try and record a New Year's Podcaste. We'll See

October 28

Well, show 33 is recorded. woot! show 33! thats incredible. and its actually a good one. so check it out

October 24

So, its been over a month since our last news statement. Hope you all are enjoying our podcastes. We're pacing ourselves well with the podcastes, always being a couple of podcastes ahead of schedule. so never fear, there will probably almost never be a dry season. unless the jew goes out of town of course. in other news, email us please. or leave a voice comment. or do one of our show notes out of pure boredom or if you are in a kind mood. thats it

September 23

Well, we've got 24, 25, 26 and 28 up there. sorry its been so long since we've recorded a new episode, we'll try do one today or over the weekend. check out or show notes to read the interesting conversation with the compaq tech for episode 27 (which hasn't been released yet). stay tuned and keep in touch. please

September 6

22 has been up for a while now. go and listen to it. in a short while, we will also have 23 up there soon. look at our commitment, we are 2 episodes ahead of your listening pace! isn't that fantastic. keep listening. dont hit any elk! With our new posting pace (PP hahahaha) you will never be without an episode of our show for more than a couple of days.
-The Jew and Hindu

September 1

Well, as you can see, we have the new the Hindu and the Jew logo. Isn't it absolutely awesome? designed by the hindu with the help of minijew. this is why you see the 'MJ' present. absolutely magnificent. hope you like it. we hope at some point to possibly have t-shirts or other memorabilia made with this logo. good prize eh?

Episode 23 has been recorded, and will be out soon. see? we are just overflowing with creativity. after a sufficient time only of course, will 23 be released. and the draft of the music video has been taken down, so it is no longer available. you shall just have to wait and see.

August 31

The planning of the music video has started. Episode 21 was finished today. it will be let out today, for reasons mentioned in the episode. listen to it. keep on rocking. keep on emailing

August 26

Well, I'm back. Indeed, the Hindu has returned. I hope to start the episodes up again in all our original magnificent glory. I have a new and improved knowledge of music as well, so hopefully our intro will be incredibly good in the near future. I jsut need to figure stuff out. apart from that, not much really. i dont actually have travelogues, cos i had no one to actually add in the podcaste. thats it really

August 14

Hindu is now in Idia, so Beanpol came over and we did a show. It was quite good. Also, it was quite long. Chekc it out. also, don't forget to take a look at the intro. all done using some skype.

July 29

Jew- Finaly home, major jetlag. hope to have stuff up soon.
Keep listening

July 15

Jew here, i don't have much time, i am typing from an internet cafe in Belgium. My bike trip is going well, and i am haveing a great time, but there is one minor problem. They took my Clie away, so i have been unable to keep an audio journal of the trip. I have been wring stuff down, and i will do an extensive rant on it when i get back to town. Also the hindu and i will try and have a show for the three days that we are both home at the same time this summer.
Hope to write more soon
---The Jew

June 30, 2005

Episode 16 has been up for quite a while now. Quite a while indeed. So you better have listened to it. Also, I believe the Jew has left for his summer trip of no return biking in Europe today, so no more podcastes for at least two months, to be completely frank. He has taken his Sony CLIE with him, so we will have some Jew journals. Also, on the 11th I shall take wing towards Stanford, where I shall be recording the travels of the Hindu. Should be good stuff all around. But yeah, enjoy.

June 24, 2005

Ok, Episode 16 should be up soon. So today we went to see a Groovelily concert, and they rock. A link to their site can be found in the 'credits and disclaimer' link. but if you can't be bothered to go there, the link is anyway, we enjoyed ourselves, and it was a lot of fun. and there is the possibility groovelily might start listening to us! isn't that cool? anyway, episode 16 will basically be about groovelily, but we will be rambling in our classic style which you so love. Anyway, enjoy

June 23, 2005

School's out, for summer! Finally, school is over. So, episode 15 is up. We also have a new song, entitled 'The Angry Jew', which is readily available in our special features section. Check it out. We hope to record at least one more episode before the Jew leaves for his bike trip in Europe. Thats it for now. Keep listening to us

June 19, 2005

Ok, so we've had a veritable storm of recordings. Episode 12, 13, and 14 are now up. Two of them are with Nevalkarion, our latest guest. Of course, you would have known of him earlier if you heard the 'Skype'n it up with Nev' stuff in Special Features. We also have our EP up! WOOOOOOOOO! Im so happy, we finally manage to get it together. Anyway thats it. Only one week left before school is over! Im so ridiculously happy. Anyway, keep on listening.

June 12, 2005

Ok, first of all sorry we haven't had a new episode in a while. About 9 days actually. Its the end of the school year so a lot of stuff is going on so please bear with us. Second of all, we went to the Celebrate Fairfax! festival on Friday. The Jew had abandoned me so I was alone for virtually the whole evening. However, it was worth it to see Blue Oyster Cult, which we did indeed. They were absolutely amazing, with the solos and the riffs and the bass and the magnificence of their performance. A really really good show that one. Thats it really

June 07, 2005

Our special features page is up, with links to special never before heard segments and/or mini episodes. It is designed to augment your Hindu and Jew experience, and to satisfy your craving for the Hind and the Jew. Check it out!

June 03, 2005

Well, episode 11 is up. Go and listen to it. Also, this is unrelated by the way, i've discovered an amazing guitarist called Rory Gallagher. Go and listen to him as well, especially if you can get your hands on his '74 Irish Tour album. he's like ireland meets hendrix meets deep purple. and a ridiculously good guitarist. just listen to him

June 02, 2005

Hey all you fans out there. There was a slight glitch on the site yesterday, from about 10 pm to about now at 6:15 am. But don't worry everything is back on track, and you can once again access your most favourite site in the world

Monday May 30, 2005

Well, the big 10 is now here. Yes indeedy, our Decashow is up. So listen to it and enjoy it. Also on wednesday, since its a new month, vote for us on All the links and stuff are on the first page, and if you want any additional help just email us and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. On another note, we are back from Annapolis, where the recording of the big TEN occurred, and it was a lot of fun. Look out for episode 11!

Friday May 27, 2005

We have launched our 'News' page. That is the first order of business. Also, a couple of other things are coming. The main one is the big ONE ZERO episode, yes you guessed it, our decashow. Our 10th episode. Aaaah, saying it gives me shivers. It'll be a good one, and we'll have lots of stuff with Beanpole on there. The other point of news is that it will be done offsite from our usual nesting areas, being done in Annapolis, so it should be good. Apart from that, keep listening to our show!

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